Jennifer grew up admiring her mother’s talents in designing handmade cakes and scrap books for a variety of occasions. This admiration of handmade talents eventually became the backbone of Bloomies Handmade.
After being married in the spring of 2010, Jennifer began looking for creative ways to make a few extra dollars. After viewing others' handmade products, she decided to teach herself how to design and assemble head accessories. Little did she know that this would ignite a deep passion for designing and crafting handmade accessories, and would become the start of something much bigger than imagined.
Jennifer began selling these handmade products to her friends on Facebook under the business name Jennifer Elizabeth, and after several months of Internet sells, several local boutiques started selling her creations as well.
In the fall of 2011, Jennifer changed the name of her business to Bloomies and began selling her products on well-known Internet sites. Her head accessories were selling like hot cakes.
In January of 2012, Jennifer decided to quit her job and concentrate all of her efforts into growing Bloomies Handmade. Thanks to the support of all her Bloomies' fans, her dreams of sharing handmade products to the world is rapidly becoming a full-scale reality. She aspires to open up her own Bloomies Handmade boutique shop and have her products placed in retail stores worldwide.
It's safe to say that Jennifer inherited her mother’s handmade crafting genes.